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Printed on premium satin poster paper or gloss photo paper.


The brigade badges can be customised to your own preferences, you can add 2 or 3 brigade badges. 

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Premium Satin Poster Paper Size Options:

12 x 16 £21

18 x 24 £24

24 x 32 £30


Premium Gloss Photo Paper Size Options:

12 x 16 £23

18 x 24 £27

24 x 32 £33


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Print sent unframed.

All measurements are in inches.


I've Seen How many times were you asked? “I bet you've seen some things being a Firefighter?”

Yes, I have!


I’ve seen! Life in the raw and just how precious it is to most!

I’ve seen! Death in all its horror and the lengths that some go, to achieve it!

I’ve seen! Laughter so contagious, that it’s drawn me in and left me with sides fit to split and gasping for breath!

I’ve seen! Tears shed by hundreds, many of joy, but far too many through sorrow and pain!

I’ve seen! Parents lose their children, siblings lose each other, children lose parents, and so, many lose pets!

I’ve seen! Children saved, siblings save each other, parents saved and beloved pets returned to fretful owners!

I’ve seen! Mouths open wide, but no noise heard, where some poor soul is just empty!

I’ve seen! Grown men and women acting like children, playing and joking only to see the same later coughing and choking!

I’ve seen! The dawn come up through a smokey haze, more times than I care to remember!

I’ve seen! Those that you wouldn't look twice at when passing in the street, do things, that in any other instance they would be called heroes!

I’ve seen! My mates receive injuries time and time again, some so bad they never returned!

I’ve seen! The tearful uniformed lines formed, as we've gathered to pay our last respects, to those that have paid the highest price!

I’ve seen! Actions by others, that have made me hold my head high with pride!

I’ve seen! The actions of a few, where I wish I could hide!

I’ve seen! The hands of so many being held in the early hours, as they and their passengers are being cut free!

I’ve seen! The looks of relief and heard “thank you!” so many times, knowing, that this is the one and only time, we will meet!

I’ve seen! The lost hollow looks in searching eyes, their mournful screams, as they realise, their companions have not made it!

I’ve seen! Myself holding the hands of too many, as they've slipped away trying so hard to hold on, always fighting to preserve their dignity!

I’ve seen! Questions being asked, by those in need, “Is my mother?; Is my father?; Is my child OK?”

I’ve seen! The answers given, that will haunt the givers to their graves!

I’ve seen! All of this and so much more, with some of the greatest people

I’ve ever met, in the best job in the world!

I’ve seen! This question be asked a thousand times and the reply given is the same every time, one with the shrug of the shoulders. "YEAH A FEW!"


So! I have seen, but it is virtually impossible to answer this question. You can only live it and experience it!




I've Seen (Firefighter)


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