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Sold As A Pack Of 2

These stickers are printed on high quality Static Cling gloss vinyl, They are the kind of sticker you stick to the inside of a window, remove and replace over and over leaving no marks. 


Diameter Size:

95mm (9.5cm)


Most Brigade Badges are available!

We will soon have more Brigade Badges listed on the site, until then please let us know your personal request of Badge if not displayed (add item to cart, in the cart you will see the option to 'add a note'! There you can add what is required in the 'add a note' tab OR via email).


How To Apply Sticker!
Make sure surface is dry and clean,
Peel sticker from backing paper carefully,
Apply sticker slowly and carefully, work from centre to the outside applying more pressure to make secure.


Please note.

Colour representation is only as accurate as the web design process allows.


We can also create custom stickers on request, so please feel free to Email us at

Brigade Badge, Static Cling, Internal Stickers


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